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Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Non-GMO Shopping Guide

While there is no shopping guide for Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods for pets, those that wish to avoid feeding their entire family Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered foods the short answer is avoiding four food (groups).

The Center for Food Safety and The True Food Network works “to protect human health and the environment by curbing the proliferation of harmful food production technologies and by promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture.”

These organizations have put together a ‘shoppers guide’ to help consumers find and avoid GE ingredients in food.  Basically, consumers need to avoid corn products (including corn oil, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, corn meal), soy products (soy protein, soy lecithin, soy oil, soy sauce, soy isolates), Canola (canola oil), and Cotton (cottonseed oil).  The number 1 tip suggested to consumers is to “Buy Organic”.
(To read and/or print the shoppers guide Click Here)

But what about pet food?  How can pet owners avoid GMO ingredients in their pets’ food?

Avoid the same four basic foods, corn, soy, canola, and cotton.  The following is a list of common pet food ingredients which could be (probably are) Genetically Modified and are recommended to be avoided in your pet’s food and treats…

Ground Corn
Ground Yellow Corn
Whole Corn
Whole Grain Ground Corn
Corn Gluten
Corn Gluten Meal
Corn Starch-Modified
Dried Fermented Corn Extractives
Corn Germ Meal

Soybean Hulls
Soybean Meal
Soybean Oil
Soy Flour
Soy Protein Concentrate

Canola Oil

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author, Buyer Beware
Co-Author Dinner PAWsible

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