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Report from FDA


Below is information provided by FDA explaining a bit more on the pet food testing study that found high incident risk of bacteria in raw meat pet foods. Also, perhaps why many pet food consumers remain skeptical. Read More »

Wait one Minute There FDA


You might have seen a news story or two published on a pet food study just released by the FDA finding raw pet foods to have a high incident level of dangerous bacteria. But wait one minute, there are some big holes in the peer reviewed paper (at tax payer expense). Was this study outcome based? Read More »

The Times they are a Changing


There was a day (just months ago?) that the pet food industry trade publication felt raw pet food was a trendy, risky style of feeding pets. Low and behold, the industry trade magazine is now in favor of raw pet food. Why the change in attitude? Read More »

FDA Warns Against Raw Pet Food (Again)


FDA "suggests consumers carefully consider the risks of feeding a raw pet food to their pets". This is not only a bias against raw pet foods, it is a lack of understanding (on FDA's part) of lightly processed pet foods. Here's the story and what our consumer association asked FDA regarding this bias. Read More »

What Was Behind the AVMA Policy?


Many if not most pet owners believe the AVMA Policy against the feeding of raw pet foods was biased. The big elephant in the room - which AVMA has thus far ignored, is why did the AVMA policy - which is based on risk to pets and humans - exclude the only type of pet food confirmed by the Centers for Disease control to be the cause of human illness...kibble? Request for explanation from AVMA. Read More »

The AVMA Plot Thickens


Veterinary organizations and partnerships with do you feel about that? Is it acceptable to you for a national veterinary organization to accept large donations from...let's say...two animal drug companies and one pet food company? LARGE donations? If you think that's a bad idea, and the thought of such mega-million dollar partnerships makes your blood pressure rise, don't read this article. Read More »

The Domino Effect


Whether you feed your dog or cat a raw meat diet or not, the AVMA proposed policy to discourage raw diets for pets is a very real concern to all educated petsumers. What is behind this proposed policy? If approved, who will be the next domino to fall? Will this policy alienate pet owners from practicing veterinarians? Read More »