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Who Makes What in Pet Food

Who Makes What in Pet Food

In light of the recent pet food recalls, I’ve been asked to compile a list of pet food companies and the products they manufacture.  While it is not all inclusive (yet) and will remain a work in progress, here’s the Who Makes What in Pet Food list.

It is common in pet food to use ‘co-packers’.  As an example, ABC Pet Food is a pet food company but they do not have their own manufacturing facility.  Instead, ABC Pet Food provides their own exclusive recipes to XYZ Pets, a pet food co-packer.  XYZ Pets manufactures ABC’s pet food along with several other brands.  The following list is manufacturers along with the pet foods they produce.

Bold font implies the pet food manufacturer; products listed below are pet foods made by that manufacturer.  Please note that this information can change quickly, any pet food can change manufacturers without notice.  Any updates I receive will be added or changed on this page.

Blue Buffalo (some varieties dry)
Rachael Ray

American Nutrition

Mulligan Stew can
Natural Balance can
Wellness can

Arkat Pet Food

Barrett AG Service
Red Moon Pet Food

Berwind Corp WellPet
Holistic Select

Blue Seal Feeds
By Nature dry

Breeders Choice


Champion Pet Food

Chenago Valley Pet Foods
Vets Choice

CJ Foods
Blue Buffalo (some varieties dry)
Castor Pollux dry* (recently purchased by Merrick Pet Food – it is not known when or if they will move manufacturing to the Merrick facilties)
Drs Foster & Smith
Nature’s Variety dry

Colgate Palmolive
Science Diet

Crosswind Pet Foods


Diamond Pet Food (numerous plants)
Canidae* (recently purchased their own manufacturing plant – it is not known when they will or if they will move all manufacturing to their own plant)
Chicken Soup
Country Value
Diamond Naturals
Natural Balance dry
Nature’s Domain
Premium Edge
Solid Gold
Taste of the Wild
Wellness (one variety)

Elmira Pet Products Ltd
Happy Paws
Happy Tails
K9 Premium
Sigma 7
Petcurean dry

By Nature can
Canidae can
Evangers can

Fromm dry
American Natural Premium dry
Born Free dry

Human Food Kitchen/Plant
Fresh Fetch
Honest Kitchen
People Fud

Just Food for Dogs (kitchen)

KLN Enterprises (Tuffy’s Pet Foods)
Natural Planet Organics
Pet Time
Pure Vita

Lucky Dog Cuisine (kitchen)

Mars Petcare (numerous plants)
Ol Roy dry
Royal Canin


Mid America
Nature’s Logic

Midwestern Pet Food
Earthborn Holistics

Miss Autumn’s Barkery (kitchen)

Mountain Country Foods
Mulligan Stew

Nature’s Variety (raw)

Chef Michael
Pet Promise

Ohio Pet
Evangers kibble
Life’s Abundance kibble

Paul’s Pet Food

Pied Piper Pet and Wildlife

Procter & Gamble (numerous plants)
California Naturals

Performance Pet
Canine Caviar can

Pied Piper Mill
Canine Caviar dry

Blue Buffalo can
Canidae can
Castor Pollux Can
Life’s Abundance Can
Nature’s Logic Can
Ol’ Roy Can
Dogswell can
Evolve can
Petcurean can
Nature’s Variety can

Stella and Chewy’s

Sunshine Mills
Evolve kibble
Triumph kibble

Taplow Feeds/FirstMate Pet Food
Laughing Dog

Texas Farm Products
Precise Pet Food

Not Revealed by pet food company or Not Known (yet)
Dynamite Pet Food
Flint River Ranch
Fromm can
Kibbles & Bits (Del Monte)
Nature’s Recipe (Del Monte)
Newman’s Own


Again, this information can change quickly.  As any new information comes in, it will be added above.


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author, Buyer Beware
Co-Author Dinner PAWsible

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  1. Red Moon is listed under Not Revealed by Pet Food Company but it’s also listed under Barrett AG Service. Perhaps it should be removed from the Not Revealed list(?).

  2. hi susan,
    my dog, pam loves blue buffalo jerky treats jolly joints. do you know who manufacturers these treats? is it ainsworth?

    • Blue Buffalo would not disclose to me who manufactures for them. The only thing they would tell me is they use “several co-packers”. Sorry.

  3. UrbanCollieChick

    Who makes Wysong and Weruva?

  4. I’m a secret source who will let you know about some info on pet food companies. I will not reveal who I am but I can assure you my info is reliable.

    Halo is copacked by the following vendors
    Fromm makes their kibble
    Menu makes their cans
    Cardinal makes some of their grooming supplements

    Party Animal is made at Evengers. (you can tell by picking up a can. Evengers prints on the can while the can is rolling causing the lot number to have curved writing)

  5. I changed my dogs food from Purina Pro Plan to Blue Buffalo cause I was told it was better. Is it ? And what about Wellness ? She was fed that by the breeder.

    • I would say Wellness is great- Wellness Pet Food is non-gmo. I wouldn’t trust anything from Nestle, Del Monte, Colgate Palmolive, Mars, or Procter & Gamble.


      WellPet LLC is a cat and dog food company formed by the combination of Eagle Pack Pet Foods and Old Mother Hubbard,[1] after both had been purchased by Berwind Corporation. Their brand names are Wellness, Holistic Select, Eagle Pack, Prism, Hy-Ration, Old Mother Hubbard, Holistix, and (previously) Neura Meats. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Berwind Corporation, along with (among others) Elmer’s Glue and the National Pen Company.

  6. Susan,
    Is there a more current list of who makes what food?

    Thank you!

  7. This subject has got to be one of the most discussed in all of pet food consumerism. Most manufacturers will give you the names of the facilities they use after calling or emailing. I’ve never tried Fromm, as they don’t have a novel protein line, but they’re still listed in the “not known yet” category above.

    Their website here states:

    “Our can foods are made in the USA at a USDA-inspected plant in South Dakota.”

    A Google search results in a company called the American Foods Group which has a facility in South Dakota.

    “Performance Pet Products is a leading producer of natural dog treats and super premium canned pet food. All products are human grade and made in the USA….Our commitment to the production of human grade canned dog and cat food has made us the fastest growing provider of corporate brand products and co-pack services. We provide product to many leading high-end dog and cat food brands.”

    I’m not sure if this is who cans Fromm, but it sounds logical if they use a facility in South Dakota. Performance also has their own brand of pet food..

    Two other brands I don’t see listed above are Addiction and Wild Calling which is fairly new. I haven’t seen many reviews of Wild Calling, although if you look at their site, the ingredients listed appear to be natural.

    I’m pretty sure that both Addiction and Wild Calling are canned by Evangers in the USA. Several years ago, I ordered a case of Addiction Rabbit and many of the cans had some sort of black crud on the bottom and the top ridges, which I had to clean off with cotton swabs. When I was thinking of buying a few cans of Wild Calling Rabbit Burrow a few months ago, I noticed the same kind of black crud on the bottom of the can, I thought that it mus be from Evangers’ plant. Sure enough, an email confirmed it.

    • I’m told that the Canidae Pure canned are NOT from Evangers and I surely hope that is true because that is one company I won’t give business to, even indirectly. I have a toothless dog with constipation issues and two of the Pure’s are the only foods that seems to work really well for her.

  8. Just an FYI, while Royal Canin is under the Mars Petcare umbrella, it is NOT manufactured in the same facility as the other Mars Petcare products. Royal Canin globally manufacturers it’s own products in its own Royal Canin production facility. You can call Royal Canin directly to confirm this information. For Canada the production facility is in Guelph Ontario, and like all the global Royal Canin plants makes safety and quality a priority in production.

  9. Maybe some of you have forgotten, but Fromm use to have their canned food line manufactured in China. When I called to question the company about this they stated that it was “a human grade processing plant”. And so were the plants that manufactured the baby formulas that had added melamine and killed a reported six babies. Fromm has since moved its processing to the united states but it took me five years before I could even buy the dry kibble from them. Knowing that they once outsourced their canned food production to China- I wont ever buy their canned food again.

  10. I think it’s been posted before with another article here, but Nature’s Variety now states their rabbit protein for cats and dogs is no longer sourced from China. They said that they’re now obtaining it from France. It started a few months ago, but they wanted to make sure all the old cans were off the shelves before announcing it.

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