Maybe you think it’s too much work, that they need a lot of space or that spending on food will exceed your budget. However, having two dogs at home brings more benefits than you suppose. We tell you more about this article.

Two dogs at home?

If you already have a pet and are thinking of adopting a second one, you are likely to analyze it very seriously, since you consider that the ‘problems’ or the expense to maintain them will be doubled.

But then maybe you imagine that your dog will feel much better when you go to work because he will not be completely alone. And you are probably already looking for a shelter to adopt your new friend…

Certainly, things will get a little complicated, but not double, as we might suppose, and having two dogs at home can help you save if you buy food in quantity. We tell you some benefits of living with more than one pet:

1. Permanent company

The pets are our stalwart fellow, there’s no doubt, but sometimes they are tired or not play. That might not be so when, instead of one, we have two dogs at home. Perhaps while one enjoys a nap in his bed, the other wants to lie on our feet on the couch. And so we never feel alone!

2. Exercise yes or yes

Taking a dog to the park or going around the block is enough to train, but … can you imagine what happens when you have two pets? Surely one goes faster than the other and makes you walk faster than average. Perfect if we are not going to the gym, or we are lazy to exercise.

3. Doggy happiness

One of the most common behavior problems of dogs, especially in breeds such as cocker spaniel, is separation anxiety. Being alone all day or much of it leads them to become depressed, break things, urinate everywhere or have aggressive behavior.

This does not happen when there are two dogs at home. While it is true that they can ‘join’ in pranks, the truth is that they will be so happy together that they will not have time to bite furniture or steal socks. In addition, you will not have complaints from neighbors about barking, howling or crying ‘loudly’ all day.

The coexistence between two pets is fantastic because they will support each other at all times, they will get warm in winter, and they will be pampered when either of them gets sick.

4. Wholesale prices

One of the issues that we should consider when we decide to adopt a second pet is the budget issue. In reality, the expense is not literally double as we might suppose, even if they are two animals.

Of course, because you can take advantage of and buy a large bag of feed, which costs less than several smaller ones with the same amount. In addition to having food for several weeks, you will save money.

The same can be applied to toys, antiparasitic pipettes or even visits to the veterinarian. Perhaps the veterinarian will charge you only one consultation or give you a discount for bringing both dogs the same day.

If you plan to adopt a second pet, it will be a decision that you should think very well, since what is duplicated is the responsibility. It is essential that both animals are in good condition and that nothing is missing.

Finally, we recommend that you analyze the personality of the dog that already lives with you and if it will adapt to your new friend. If your pet is more than five years old, it is not a good idea to bring a puppy, since the newcomer will have much more energy and the adult will not have enough patience to ‘support him’.

As soon as the ‘new’ arrives you will have to present it in society and pay attention to how both behave, and there are probably disputes over territory, food, bed or pampering. Of course, in a short time, they will become inseparable and you will realize that it has been the best decision you have ever made.

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